Subwoofer Solutions

Audiophiles hate subwoofers stereotypically but even the largest, most expensive audiophile speakers can't go to the sub-sonic depths that a good subwoofer can. Subwoofers can delve deep into the lowest frequencies with a power and finesse that can make you actually feel the music and movies as much as you would hear it. A properly setup subwoofer can perform below the audible limit of speakers which is generally accepted as 20 Hertz.

Here Are Some Useful Tips For Getting The Best Performance From Your Subwoofer:

  • The best way to get started with setting up your subwoofer is to listen to it without EQ or tweaks via the auto-EQ. Try exotic locations – not just in the corner of your room. Try in the back of your room. Try between your speakers. Try on the side of your room. The location that sounds best to you before EQ is likely the best place to start with your tuning.
  • Most of today's subwoofers have some sort of equalizer or auto-EQ. Using a microphone, software and the tuning devices on your modern subwoofer is the best way to get the most out of your subwoofer.
  • Make sure if you are using an AV Receiver or AV Preamp make sure in the menus of that component are set to the correct crossover. THX suggest that it should be 80 Hertz. You don't want to make your main speakers have to go super deep with the low bass when you can let your subwoofer do the heavy lifting. It will make for a more clean, accurate sound.
  • Try using room treatments like ASC Tube Traps, RPG Modex plates or any number of other acoustical treatments that can eat bass waves. Bass waves are the longest standing waves in audio and can load into corners and create problems. Stick a acoustical treatment in the corner of your room and do a little listening. Remove the treatment and listen again. The difference should be huge.

    What Are Some of the Best Subwoofer Brands?

    There are many great speaker companies that make subwoofers. Here's a list of some of the best…

    • Aerial Acoustics
    • Bowers & Wilkins (B&W)
    • Outlaw Audio
    • REL
    • Paradigm
    • SVS
    • Episode
    • JL Audio
    • Golden Ear Technologies
    • Definitive Technology
    • Aperion Audio
    • Velodyne
    • Klipsch
    • Polk
    • Energy
    • PSB
    • Martin Logan
    • THIEL
    • Wilson Audio
    • Infinity
    • Sonus Faber
    • Sunfire
    • Revel